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Through continuous improvement of our capabilities and services, providing our clients within innovative, creative and cost-effective solutions.


We strive to provide a superior quality services to our clients. To ensure the ongoing delivery of quality, in terms of ISO 9001:2015 and service excellence to our clients.


We act with honesty of purpose, conduct and discipline in actions and interaction with all our stakeholders.


With solid engineering principles, our team meticulously co-creates unique and optimal solutions. We comply with professional codes and South African best practices.

What we do.

Our mission is to be the leaders in Civil Engineering Industry by creating sustainable infrastructure that improves the quality of people's lives.

Stormwater Management.

Storm water reticulation designs, Hydrological Analysis for storm water system, flood lines and Hydraulic structures, Design of Flood Retention Ponds.

Water Engineering.

Water reticulation design, Borehole Development and Water Storage structures, Bulk pipelines

Sanitation Systems.

Feasibility study for sanitation systems, Sewer reticulation designs, Rural sanitation systems, VIP toilets


Structural Engineering.

Structural Designs to reinforced concrete, Foundation Designs, Retaining Walls, Low-cost housing.

Transportation Engineering.

Urban and Rural road designs, Road rehabilitation designs, Geometric Design for roads and internal streets, Pavement Designs, Sealing and re-sealing designs.

Construction Project Management Services.

Construction Management, Time, Quality and Cost Management.

Clients Overview

We value our Clients more than everything else. We strive to provide Quality Services to all our Clients on a Priority Basis. Here are some of our clients:

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